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Xuefei, CTO & CMO

After the first session, I felt obvious changes in myself, with a boost in my self-confidence. I became more aware of the impact of positive and powerful words.

Session after session, I have learned how to manage my emotions without fear and worry. This helps me to better seek solutions in my different roles. 

Coaching has significantly benefited my work and private life quality. It has improved my performance and leadership qualities, which results in spending better time with my personal needs and family.   

Angie is an excellent and trustable coach. I like her holistic approach and appreciate her as well as a consultant, with wide experience and resources. 

She has guided me to find my way to greatness and happiness.


Ken, Founder & COO

Angie is a wonderful guide to find your true self. Her unique methods and tools are extremely helpful in achiving understanding on a personal and macro level, all the while remaining non-intrusive and comforting. I enjoyed and benefited from her coaching sessions and would recommend her service to anyone seeking insights.


Gopalan, Airport Manager

I am delighted to recommend Angie, as your 'go-to' coach, if you are in a state of wanting to fully unleash your hidden talents and potential as a person, needing to recognize along the way what's been holding you back.

She is a natural at connecting with people. Her nurturing ways and a steady curious mind are her gifts. Angie is committed to holding a safe space for me to explore without being judged.

I found her to be a very engaging, authentic, and trustworthy person. Angie is a coach who comes with many tools since she is also a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

As I reflect on whom I was when I had my first session and on who I am today, I realize how much I have grown.


Elias, General Manager

Angie connects really quickly and it feels like a natural conversation between friends while we were digging deep into past successes and learnings in order to define the best path forwards. She uses NLP but also her own professional experiences and it comes across as personal and genuine.

I would highly recommend her to work on your career or personal life targets and strategies.


Ken, Professional Educator

One of the greatest learning experiences out of Angie’s coaching is understanding how to intensify the positive small experiences to help overcome the negative emotions from the challenge I face in the work environment.

I noticed results within 1 week after our 1st session. Once I brought out how I felt and the negative emotions could be turned into life learning lessons, it was easier to lay the burdens down and move forward victoriously and full of empowerment.

Coaching is a great necessity to have available and learn from. A short period of time can yield a great outcome when you have the right experiences that challenge you to do your best.For this I am grateful.

Angie is a professional coach who is warm, caring, and empathic. She is approachable and shows deep listening and builds trust quickly. She is also flexible and understanding. She is a great recommendation for anybody seeking guidance for the next steps forward.


Rajni, CEO

Angie’s coaching is top-notch. I have gone through the 6-week Mental Fitness Program with her, and the results are mind-blowing. I have understood the reason behind my restlessness and how to deal with it. Using these techniques, I am able to stay grounded amidst high stress.I squeeze here and there a minute or two of practice and can manage my energy levels more efficiently.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take things to the next level.


Yvonne, Expat Mum

I definitely recommend the Mental Fitness Program because it teaches you techniques you can use on a daily basis, without too much time, and readily available wherever you are. The mindful exercises are mini-meditation sessions, but much more convenient and effective. Thanks to my learnings with the program and Angie’s helpful coaching I can cope with challenges much better. After the 6-week program, I have subscribed to the advanced module to bring my learnings to the next level"

A big shout out to my coach Angie! Her support was very insightful, and I always felt safe to share with her.


Gaby, Elementary School Teacher

Going through the 6-week Mental Fitness Program has allowed me to go through a transformation that is noticeable in every aspect of my life.

I have gained enormous awareness. I am capable of self-regulate and step out of negative mindsets much faster.

Angie is a wonderful person. She was very helpful during the whole process. Always ready to listen to you, to answer your questions, and to help you shift or reassess your perspective…All of this from a position of kindness, and free of any judgement. She is approachable, open-minded, and clear in her communication. She will help you make the most of the program. I will forever be grateful to her for this opportunity!

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