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Productivity and Wellbeing

Are productivity and wellbeing compatible?

Let me tell you as a coach, what should you consider in order to boost your productivity.

Several of my clients thought productivity and wellbeing were not compatible. They firmly believed in statements, such as: "no pain, no gain" and "I need high stress to perform at best".

Through our conversations, they realised though, that to be productive, they need to have good levels of energy, so wellbeing cannot be traded-off. The price of neglecting our mental (also physical) health is high, e.g. suffering burnout.

Neuroscience states that an activated positive brain is more capable of handling challenges. So, how can you go meeting through meeting, deal with your busy agenda, and be successful?

My answer is: invest in your wellbeing and this will boost your energy and so your productivity.

How does it look like?

1. Start your day powerfully:

- Use mindfulness and charge well for about 10-15min early in the morning. This can be meditation, breathing, mindful walking, mindful eating, yoga, etc. Combine the practices you like most to kick off the day with a positive mindset. The same you would have done with your mobile phone, right?

- Do a quick planning of the 3 to 4 activities that have the biggest value. Think about how can you best work on them in terms of productivity, this means optimising your energy/impact ratio (see picture above).

2. Pit-stop during the day:

- Remember to recharge briefly a couple of times. The time here can be shorter, about 1-2min of sensorial reconnection would be enough.

- Keep at bay your negative chatter (procrastinator, perfectionist, multitasker, etc.)

3. At the end of the day / in your free time:

- Balance with recharging activities, like sports, hobbies, surround yourself with positive people.

- Practice continuous improvement and see what has worked well, and what can you adjust.

- Acknowledge your successes, and be grateful for the opportunities and learnings.

Optimising your mental energy is a key factor to achieve your desired outcomes.

Would you like to know more about productivity & mental-fitness?

Reach out, I'm glad to exchange with you.

Wishing you a productive day.

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