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Successful with transformation

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

In corporate we know that, we achieve success by sharing a vision and developing the culture of the organisation. Is that enough to master #change nowadays? What about the softer aspects?

The main obstacle to achieve a #successfultransformation is NOT shifting the #mindset of the organisation. In the change initiatives productivity tools are introduced, processes and orga are mostly adjusted, but quite often the people factor is not given the importance it has. What is the consequence? Despite all the efforts, time, and money spent to improve efficiency, or even to survive, the transformation fails. Which soft factors are you putting in place? Communication, values, empathy, resilience are some of them. So, what is needed to effectively launch, keep momentum and succeed with transformation? Here some key elements: 1️⃣Focus on the #why first, then the how and what. 2️⃣Share a vision and story of success where everyone see their contribution. 3️⃣Define inspiring targets and motivate employees to engage. 4️⃣Be a #servantleader from top management through all leadership levels. 5️⃣Enhance soft aspects: beyond communication, empowerment, and training, consider as well #coaching and #organisationalhealth. Change can feel intimidating especially in these uncertain, fast times. But it's possible to overcome the odds and make it a success, if besides the hard aspects, companies focus on the softer elements of transformation. Beyond #digitalisation, hybrid working, and more #agile structures, the gift behind change is the #opportunity to achieve healthier organisations, happier employees, and better results. What is your experience with transformation?

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