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Hello, I'm Angie

My mission is to help motivated people & organisations to gain clarity & fulfillment.


- >20 years of business experience in MNC

- customer centric

- transformational leader


Countries: Spain, Germany, China.

Service Languages: English, German & Spanish.

#life-long-learner #people-person #challenge-seeker

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My Story

Since my childhood, two values have accompanied me till today: integrity and willingness to improve.

Curiosity has made me an avid learner, looking after new ideas and challenges as the driver for my personal and professional growth.

What do I use to transform these opportunities into successful projects? Energy, creativity, and structure. I like listening to people with empathy and building our relationships based on trust.

My passion? Bringing value to my clients through my guidance and focusing on objectives.

Where do I come from? Barcelona - Spain, being exposed to diverse multicultural environments, having lived in Germany and China.


My background is Business and Economics, and I have contributed to different areas (Consulting, Purchasing, Marketing, Finance, Technical Sales, and IT) at Deloitte and Bosch.

What brought me to Coaching? My purpose of helping others to grow and a sabbatical, where I took time to become a professional Coach ACSTH certified (by ICF) and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP) Practitioner.

What do I appreciate the most in my life? The teachings from setbacks and comebacks I have experienced, and how Coaching has been the enabler of my Transformation.

My motivation is to help you discover where you stand, where you want to be, and support you on the way to reaching your goals.

Glad that you are here,


Angie, your Work-Life Coach


Let me know what brought you here, tell me your story or let me know how I can help you or how we can work together!

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